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'Breaking Glass' - Promo

Okay but did they include the shot of everybody running down the street from Going Home because they needed something non-spoilery to fill in space, or because we’re going to revisit that moment in the next episode and oh god somebody stop me from speculating about seeing what Regina saw when she touched the scroll in the episode centered around her and Emma’s relationship SOMEONE STOP ME


i’m crying i KNOW they’re just trying to mess with our brain. we can’t let them. :(

  • Episode One: Rumbelle! Yay!
  • Episode Two: Okay, no Rumbelle, but probably next week.
  • Episode Three: Still no Rumbelle, but hey, at least we KNOW there will be Rumbelle in the next episode.





    So we’ve established that Hook really hasn’t changed.
    And we’ve established that Rumple really hasn’t changed.

    Jeez I wonder who has?


    um… she just sent sidney back into the mirror against his will and was plotting to kill marian and erase her from the past until she…

    Hasn’t changed? And don’t have blinders, please don’t take offense but neither of those things are true.

    Marian would have been dead if Regina hadn’t changed. Emma would have been dead if Regina hadn’t changed. The reason Regina is like the way she is, is because she’s a karmic laser light.

    Meaning, she is always going to be fucked over. Case and point would be Marian considering that her being brought back was not her fault.

    Good sucks and evil sucks and she’s a type-2 villain considering she was pushed into that nature. She doesn’t have a grasp on everything, and the show likes to break her down every season.

    If Regina hadn’t changed she wouldn’t have saved Marian twice as well. If Regina hasn’t changed she wouldn’t have saved Snow.

    She will most likely always be morally ambiguous, but you can’t deny that out of all villains she has the most substantial development. Is she still selfish? Sometimes, yeah, but at the same time she can be completely selfless, which is something that was not true seasons ago. And yeah, she thinks she deserves a happy ending by now and doesn’t want to earn it(even though compared to the others she technically had already, by far) but, that goes back to karmic laser light and general haziness from right to wrong.

    The fact is, she’s been evil for a shorter time span then all of the villains, and still is on her way to redemption. I can’t even hold her on the same standard because Regina’s arc is all about the struggle and understanding things.

    But dammit, she’s come a long fucking way and it’s just canically incorrect to say she hasn’t changed.

    Well…Sid was offering to kill Marian himself and clearly SHOULD be locked away being that he’s the more gone version of Hook. And she plotted to stop Emma from rewriting the timeline (which she never would have been able to do) but when it came down to it, CHOSE to save Marian. TWICE. For NO gain. And is now beating herself up because she can’t do it again.

    Sorry, but even if that’s incremental growth, it’s still growth.